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Blessing Box

Our Blessing Box is a way for our church family to serve those in need in our community.

Blessing Boxes are outdoor cabinets in public places that are stocked with non-perishable food items, basic toiletries, baby supplies, and anything else that might be considered a blessing to people who find themselves in need. Items are anonymously donated and anonymously received.

Our Blessing Box is located near the entrance on the ast side of the Church (the side facing the city parking lot), toward the rear of the Church

Suggestions for donations include soup (packets or cans), ramen noodles, tuna packets, granola bars, individual containers of cereal, beef jerky, pepperoni packets, juice boxes, mac and cheese, deodorant, baby wipes, feminine care products, toothbrushes, and travel size toiletries. Donated items may be placed in the Blessing Box or in the designated crate in the downstairs hallway near our south entrance.

If you are interested in assisting with maintaining and filling the Blessing Box, please reach out to your Deacon. A signup sheet for Blessing Box monitoring is also available in the book in the Gathering Place.

Special thanks go to Bill McCormick, Bill Hitt, Mike Krotz, Melodi Baltzer, Kay Mackan, and the other members for bringing the Blessing Box to fruition.

For more information regarding the Columbus Blessing Boxes, visit the website at

Looking for a crutch or a cane? Visit our Mobility Assistance Program page to learn how you can borrow these and other medical equipment from us! Open to our community!

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