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Give Your Child the Experience of a Lifetime:

Send him or her to Church Camp

All sorts of summer camps are available for children these days—sports camps, music camps, technology camps—but for a truly life-changing experience, send your child to Church Camp.

As many of our children and youth can attest, Church Camp is an experience like no other. Christian Camps combine the wonders of God’s world with the spiritual experience of a close community to give children and youth an encounter with God that they can get nowhere else. Also, most church camps also run camps themed on sports, music, art and other specialties, which only adds to their appeal.

The costs are reasonable, and First Presbyterian Church offers Church Camp Scholarships to children and youth. These scholarships are available thanks to our youth fundraisers, such as the recent Spaghetti Luncheon. Contact Rev. Gauen to apply for a scholarship. Contact Rev. Gauen to apply for the scholarships.

Below is a list of Church Camps in Ohio that our own people have attended—check them out. Let us know if you are sending your child to a Church Camp this summer.

Kirkmont Camp (Presbyterian)
6946 Co Road 10, P.O. Box 128, Zanesfield, OH 43360
(Western Ohio-about 50 miles from Westerville)
Kirkmont is the Church Camp that ministers to our Presbytery. They run summer camp
experiences for children from grade school through high school, many with special themes such as horseback riding and sports. Kirkmont also has a camp for the whole family in August. Our former Student Minister, Betsy Maurath, has served on the staff there.

Camp Presmont (Presbyterian)
34211 4-H Club Road, Piedmont, OH 43983
(Eastern Ohio-about 110 miles from Westerville)
(304) 737-2730
Camp Presmont is set in the rolling hills of eastern Ohio and offers camps for all ages, including an Adventure Camp for high schoolers. Sarah Brickersmith attended this camp.

Camp Christian (Disciples of Christ)
10335 Maple Dell Rd., Marysville, OH 43040
(North Central Ohio – about 30 miles from Westerville)
(937) 348-2845
Camp Christian is in nearby Magnetic Springs and runs camps for grade schoolers through high schoolers and a special camp for grandparents and grandkids. Audra and Hannah Hauff have both attended this camp.

Geneva Hills Camp (Independent)
1380 Blue Valley Rd. SE, Lancaster, OH 43130
(Southeast Ohio- about 50 miles from Westerville)
(740) 746-8439
Geneva Hills belonged to our Presbytery until it was sold in 2008. Now run by the non-profit Geneva Hills Group, the camp offers summer camps for children in grades 3-5. Rev. Gauen and others took our youth to several retreats at Geneva Hills when it was run by the Presbytery.

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